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Advertising Options
Each of our advertising options have a limited number of ads in rotation, in order to provide our advertisers with the most recognition and greatest frequency. With that in mind don't hesitate to get your ad started immediately. Ads are displayed on a countywide basis (by zip code), multiple county discounts are available.
Foundation Banner
Designed to capture the maximum level of attention from our viewers as they view events. Foundation simply means that we have built our events on and around these highly visible, graphic ads that you can feel confident are getting the recognition you are seeking.
Promotional Ad
A completely different approach from most websites... We have elected to give the most prominent location (based on how we are all trained to read - left to right & top to bottom) so you get the most value for your Advertising Investment!
One Liner Ad
Never let cost prevent you from reaching new customers. Our One Liner ad is meant to be affordable for any size advertising budget.
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